Biomechanics in straight wire treatment دورة بعنوان


Dr. Stefano Troiani will be lecturing for a full day course at Sheraton Amman hotel on the 27th June 2019.

The course starts with general concepts of physics and biomechanics, so to get a ground knowledge and a common language.

Once these are established, the most common side-effects of straight wire leveling are analyzed and therefore outlined when it is possible to use simple leveling techniques and when it is indicated to use more complex biomechanics tools (loops, cantilevers, power arms, guiding systems) and what is the advanced biomechanics behind the use of such tools.

It is then described the use of straight wire appliance, with particular regards to the effects of variation of the pre-adjusted values of tip and torque in the main prescriptions, so to lead to a choice of prescription which is based on a logical process and not on a "cookbook" approach.

Furthermore, principles of metallurgy are described, so to allow the participants a reasoned choice of the optimal archwire sequence.

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