Treatment agreement calendar

Treatment Agreement

The process of orthodontics is very precise and professional at the same time. First, you need your absolute cooperation in following your doctor's instructions and instructions.

All that the doctor asks for instructions is in the end to serve you, in order to reach the orthodontic orthodontics or punctuation accuracy, and also to shorten the use of the orthodontic device.

The device in your mouth is a sensitive device, you should consider it in the cleanliness and clean after every meal, no matter how small. Cleaning is an essential requirement for each patient throughout the whole treatment period, in order to protect the teeth from decay or early decay marks such as discoloration of teeth that may result from lack of dental care, apart from infections and persistent gum swelling. In case of oral hygiene, the case will be referred to the oral and dental health specialist to take the necessary measures to prevent the disease from worsening and / or remove the orthodontic devices before treatment is completed. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the dentist periodically during the orthodontic treatment.