President's Letter


 Welcome to the Jordanian Orthodontic Society Website.

Nowadays, orthodontics has become an essential tool for treatment and diagnosis in the field of dentistry and is growing to be an accepted modality throughout the world.

JOS is an organization of academic excellence and a long history and comprises of diversified members of orthodontic specialists worldwide, with the aim of promoting quality oral health and dental care.

We are committed to continual education and learning; our members that serve as our ambassadors are sharing their knowledge through lectures, conferences, and treatments across the Middle East, gulf region, and North Africa.

As an organization, we are dedicated to advocating for our members and providing services that benefit their pursuit of professional advancement.
We strive for optimal standards of excellence in orthodontic education and practice for the benefit and well-being of our community, as well as educating the public about the benefits of orthodontic treatments.

This website serves as an educational platform and supports the mission of the JOS by providing education and support for its members.

As the President of JOS, I am fully aware of the duties that accompany such an honorable position, and am very much motivated and eager to fulfill those duties and responsibilities, and I will with utmost sincerity and to the best of my ability try to foster the advancement of this federation.

My goal is to achieve the development of this federation in a “Peaceful and harmonious manner “.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of the members for their efforts and continuous support, and it is my sincere hope that, collectively, we will continue supporting JOS towards the future.
JOS President
Dr Majd Husni Rasheed

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